Merry Christmas (G-Man Cartoons)

It’s the time of year for everyone’s perennial favorite G-Man Christmas cartoons! Merry Christmas!

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Holiday Postcards

Nine years ago, I drew the art pictured here for an OFFICIAL Marvel Comics Holiday postcard that Marvel sent out to business associates, featuring the Mini Marvel characters busting out dance moves made famous by the Peanuts gang in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

I still have a handful of these unique collector’s items on hand. I will send it to you autographed on the front and in an envelope. All gone!

Mini Marvels Holiday Postcard by Chris Giarrusso

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Time to put up the Christmas Tree

G-Man’s parents are busy putting up the Christmas tree. What could possibly go wrong?

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Happy Thanksgiving (G-Man Cartoons!)

It’s the time of year for everyone’s perennial favorite G-Man Thanksgiving cartoons! Happy Thanksgiving!

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One Fine Halloween Evening

It’s that time of year again already, time for the timeless cartoon classic, “One Fine Halloween Evening.” Happy Halloween!
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Clearance! Digest Version of G-Man Learning To Fly

warehouseA small supply of the May 2009, digest version of G-Man Learning to Fly was recently discovered at the distribution center. (The distribution center looks a lot like the warehouse shown at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.) This digest is the first printing of Learning to Fly and is a great introduction to the G-Man series. Or maybe you already have the bigger Volume 1 version, and just want a convenient travel-size edition to take with you on the train or the plane or the rockstar tour bus or whatever. It’s about the size of a Kindle, it weighs less than a Kindle, and it doesn’t require any charging or cables or special expensive cases or wiping fingerprints off of it or nonsense like that.

G-Man Learning to Fly PromoWe’re blowing these remaining few books out at just $6.50 – that’s 35% off the cover price – with FREE SHIPPING to the USA. When they’re gone, they’re gone, so order today!

  • The size of this version is 5 1/8″ x 7 3/4″, perfect for travel or for carrying conveniently in your front shirt pocket all day long!
  • The back cover is completely different than the later Volume 1 back cover!
  • The inside front cover features a sketch version of the finished, published cover!
  • Makes a great stocking stuffer, the holidays are right around the corner! Grab a bunch of these books today and avoid last minute shopping and/or that awkward moment where you give Uncle Walter the same tie you gave him last year and he pretends not to notice!
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Paul F. Tompkins & G-Man

Comedy’s one true gentleman, Paul F. Tompkins, is reading G-Man Volume 2: Cape Crisis (and eating canned peanut brittle) because I have the best editor ever:

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