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G-MAN Volume 3: Coming Home – WINNER: Kids’ Comics Revolution Awards 2014, Favorite Adventure Graphic Novel [link]

"Here is an absolute delight, a volume that will be shelved with children’s titles, but should definitely be sought out by superhero lovers of any age. The visual style is completely charming, creating an amusingly detailed world that young readers can explore over and over." [link]

- Publisher’s Weekly

"[A]n excellent introduction to the joys of superheroes without much of the violence or adult themes that can go along with them. The emphasis here is on fun. The bright colors and easy to follow story and visuals are both suitable for the youngest readers, with enough homages and allusions to other superheroes to give a wink and a nudge to the adult reader who might have to read this book aloud." [link]

"G-Man, Chris Giarrusso’s awesome all-ages superhero series, is one of the most fun and exciting new properties to come down the pike in ages." [link]

- John Hogan, Graphic Novel Reporter

"[Cape Crisis] is fantastic. It’s got all the charm you’d expect from Giarrusso’s work, but it also manages to pull off being a sweeping (and appropriately silly) super-hero story at the same time that makes it one of the titles that’s truly good for all ages."[link]

- Chris Sims, Comics Alliance

"Giarrusso has a kid-friendly sarcastic wit which will resonate with readers ages 8 and up. To make things even more fun, Giarrusso’s humor is just the right kind of juvenile. For the multitude of boys who do want to read superhero comics — and for their parents and older siblings who want to read them also — this is a great pick. A fun new superhero title that brings some freshness to the world of kids’ graphic novels." [link]

- Snow Wildsmith, School Library Journal

"This is definitely one of the most fun graphic novels dealing with superheroes I have read in a long time. The artwork is too cool and the stories are hilarious" [link]

- Blackheart Bill, Boys Rule, Boys Read

"I just read G-MAN: CAPE CRISIS — it was terrific!"

"Having recently read G-Man: Cape Crisis by Chris Giarrusso, I bought a copy of the first volume, G-Man: Learning to Fly, from him, and enjoyed it just as much as I did the second one. A delightful all-ages book." [link]

- Kurt Busiek, Astro City, Avengers, Iron Man, Marvels, Thunderbolts, JLA, Superman, Shockrockets, and tons more!

"G-Man is a deceptively clever comic. The art and the tone is decidedly kid-friendly, but the themes and the relationships work on a much deeper level. This is a beautifully drawn, well-written book" [link]

"G-Man is everything you’d expect from Chris. Sharp art and snappy, funny writing."[link]

- Brad Guigar, Evil-Inc.

"[F]illed with humor that both adults and kids will get something out of. In particular, the interactions between G-Man and his brother Great Man are hysterical, and very familiar to any of us with siblings. The art is fantastic" [link]

- Brian LeTendre, Secret Identity

"Chris has done a great job [of] making characters fun and friendly to younger readers" [link]

- Lori Henderson, School Library Journal

"Cute, funny, insightful, and wonderfully illustrated, the series is everything that a comic book should be. If you have a youngster who you want to get into comics, put one of these comics in his or her hands. They will love it, and thank you for turning them onto this extremely entertaining series." [link]

"It is fun, entertaining, not predictable, and easily accessible to a younger audience while not insulting the intelligence of older readers." [link]

"[W]hat really makes this series work is the delightful dialogue as well as the interplay between all of the characters. Giarrusso has a great ear for dialogue and utilizes it to his advantage. If you aren’t reading this comic, you should." [link]

- Robert J. Sodaro, Is Nothing Sacred?

"Chris G displays masterful comic timing in dialogue, as well as character beats" [link]

- Brian Winkeler, Bookgasm

"[T]his book (G-Man Volume 3: Coming Home) is full to the brim with adventure and hilarity. Such a fun book!" [link]

- Tony Guerrero, ComicVine

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G-Man Volume 3: Coming Home by Chris Giarrusso

G-Man Volume 3: Coming Home
$9.99. 128 pages, full color,
6"x9" softcover graphic novel.

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