Fan Art Friday – Becky Godoy

Becky Godoy incorporated G-Man’s ally Princess Roja of the Color Guardians into this awesome quilt! Thanks for sharing, Becky!

If you have fan art you’d like to see in Fan Art Friday, please send me an email!

Princess Roja fan art on a quilt!

Princess Roja fan art on a quilt!

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Fan Art Friday – Logan Rinsler

Logan Rinsler is back with some art featuring Great Man, G-Man, and Billy Demon! Thanks Logan!

Fan art by Logan Rinsler

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Fan Art Friday – Raoul

Here’s a cool manga style G-Man from Raoul! You can hear me on two episodes of Raoul’s show, Gotham Geeks Podcast (Part 1, Part 2)! Follow Raoul on twitter at @sobbingminotaur! Thanks Raoul!

G-Man fan art by Raoul

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Fan Art (by a pro!) Friday – Scoot McMahon

This week’s fan art is G-Man by my buddy Scoot, aka Scott McMahon! As you can tell, Scoot is a pro – check out his webcomics Spot on Adventure and Tales From the Con! Thanks for the G-Man, Scoot!

G-Man fan art by Scoot

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Fan Art Friday – Diego

Diego gave me this awesome original art when I met him at La Mole Comic Con in Mexico! That’s me meeting an army of G-Men welcoming me to Mexico. It’s actually a pretty accurate depiction of what I look like AND my shocked reaction to the large crowd of fans in Mexico. I couldn’t believe how many fans were there, and I couldn’t believe how wonderful they all were! Thanks for this great piece of art, Diego!!!
G-Man fan art by Diego

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Fan Art Friday – Alex

Alex drew this awesome group shot of G-Man, Great Man, Billy Demon, and Sparky! Thanks Alex!!!

G-Man fan art by Alex

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Fan Art Friday – Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson contributes new fan art this week featuring Billy Demon and G-Man!  This appears to be a rather aggressive request to come to Australia. I’d certainly love to visit someday — just send me a plane ticket, and there will be no need to smash me! Thanks for the art, Michael!

Fan Art by Michael Hudson

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