Chris G daily sketch card – G-Man

Today’s Chris G daily sketch card is G-Man! Click the button below to purchase the original art!

G-Man sketch card by Chris Giarrusso2.5″ x 3.5″ bristol sketch trading card, archival ink over blue pencil, original art. Please allow 7-14 days for shipping.


And remember to pre-order THE G-MAN SUPER JOURNAL today! Available February 17th, 2015!

The G-Man Super Journal: Awesome Origins by Chris Giarrusso

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! For the last year I’ve been hard at work on a new G-Man project — THE G-MAN SUPER JOURNAL is coming February 17, 2015, and is available for pre-order NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and! Order your copy today!

As some G-MAN readers are already aware, G-Man has been known to draw comic strips of his own, as seen in his Mean Brother Comics found in G-MAN: LEARNING TO FLY. Well, THE G-MAN SUPER JOURNAL is entirely written and illustrated by G-Man! This new book chronicles the events in G-Man’s daily life in the weeks leading up to the day he became a superhero! It’s a re-telling of the G-Man origin from an insightful new perspective, while revealing the origins of Billy Demon, Suntrooper Brian, Sparky, Eddie Delta, and the Color Guardians for the first time ever!

Visit for a sneak peek 15-page preview!The G-MAN Super Journal: Awesome Origins by Chris Giarrusso

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G-Man Cartoons – Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Get a head start on the Thanksgiving holiday with everyone’s perennial favorite G-Man Thanksgiving cartoons! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Reading With Pictures Textbook Includes Cover and Story by Chris Giarrusso

The Reading With Pictures Kickstarter for their academic aid The Graphic Textbook has been retitled.

Now titled Reading With Pictures: Comics That Make Kids Smarter, the book features a new cover by Chris Giarrusso and a new G-Man story by the writer/artist, complete with a lesson plan for that story in the Teacher’s Guide. The book will be published by Andrews McMeel and is scheduled for release in August 2014. Read the rest of this article HERE.

Reading with Pictures cover featuring G-Man by Chris Giarrusso
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Fan Art Friday – G-Man by Jason Howard

Once again, Fan Art Friday reverse edition, as I am a big fan of Jason Howard. Before Jason was the artist of TREES, before Jason was the artist of SUPER DINOSAUR, even before he was the artist of ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN, I met him at a convention and he drew me this cool teen G-Man piece. Hopefully Jason doesn’t “dislike his old stuff” too much and he won’t begrudge me posting this, because I still think it’s awesome!

G-Man as drawn by Jason Howard

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G-Man Volume 3: Coming Home by Chris Giarrusso

G-Man Volume 3: Coming Home
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