Fan Art Friday – Nikolaus by Lilith

The holidays are over, but I still wanted to post this great drawing of Nikolaus by Lilith! Thanks Lilith!

Nikolaus by LilithGot fan art you’d like to share? Contact me about featuring YOUR art here on Fan Art Friday!

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Mini Marvel Monday – Happy Holidays

Here’s a Holiday piece I did this year for the fine folks over at The Marvel Project! Happy Holidays!

Mini Marvel Holiday 2012

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it’s that time of year, time for more G-MAN holiday cartoons

Tis the season for putting up Christmas trees and all the shenanigans that go along with the task. Things at G-Man’s house are never dull, that’s for sure. Check out the first G-Man Christmas cartoon right here.

For turkey-day toons, see the post a few more down below, or click Toons on the main site nav.

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The New Year is Upon Us!

How time flies, indeed.  Best wishes in 2011.

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Happy Holidays

Here’s some art I did for the Mid-Ohio-Con Christmas card.  Enjoy your day!

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Holiday desktop wallpaper

Check it out, folks, click here for an all new holiday themed desktop wallpaper! This wallpaper image came from a recent fanzine cover I drew for FIRST CLASS COMIC REVIEW #4, where I’m also featured in an interview.  Visit the First Class Comic Review website for more info!

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Here’s the art I drew for this year’s Image Comics Holiday card…

It’s based off of the art I drew for the Marvel Comics Holiday card from a couple of years ago…

… all of which, of course, is based off the famous dancing scene from the Emmy-winning classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”…

Happy holidays to everyone, and if you aren’t observing any holidays, I hope you’re having a good time just the same.

-Chris G

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