Weekly Sketch Wednesday – Batman

As Comic Con International 2012 kicks off this evening with its preview night in San Diego (find me at Artist Alley table FF-17), I thought it would be appropriate to share a fun sketch from last year’s Comic Con. Tony Guerrero, an alternate G-Man from the Comic Vine universe, asked me to draw Batman with a broom. You may recognize Batman’s broom-riding style if you’ve read G-MAN, volume 2: CAPE CRISIS.

Tony actually asked a bunch of artists in artist alley to draw Batman with a broom. AND Tony recorded the creation of each of these sketches and put them all together in one great video (click here to watch)! Even though I draw quite a bit, I’m still fascinated by watching other artists draw, especially when they’re as awesome as Dennis Calero, Dustin Nguyen, Francis Manapul, Joel Gomez, and Peter Nguyen!

Batman with a Broom by Chris G

I look forward to seeing Tony and the Comic Vine crew again this weekend in San Diego!

Hey, as long as we’re talking about the Guerrero G-Man, how about a bonus sketch – worlds collide as my G-Man meets the Comic Vine’s Guerrero G-Man!

G-Man swings in on the Comic Vine by Chris G


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